We can measure whether today’s trademarks and logos all look alike. But criticism of sameness has always dominated the discourse.


Why brands that have nothing to do with firearms use rifle imagery to appeal to their clientele


The Olympic Games are an exercise in branding


USC designed logos for its entire men’s basketball roster, while Texas and Oklahoma produced them for its incoming 2020 football players

The use of initials, sometimes combined with athletes’ uniform numbers, is extremely common.


The Bélo mark has established itself as the most iconic symbol among those of today’s tech unicorns

SOPA Images / Contributor


It’s not just a 3-digit number but a kind of secret handshake that locals — and consumers in-the-know — can recognize

“Screenshots last forever @NewEraCap,” tweeted @EricHarrisUA on May 25, 2021. Headwear giant New Era removed its “Local Market” line of baseball caps after being subjected to vigorous mockery on social media.


A deep dive into America’s long, fraught tradition of racist logos

A photo illustration with different line textures around a box of Pearl Milling Company pancake mix and a bottle of its syrup.
Photo illustration, source: PepsiCo


The new look has already been compared to Goodwill, Photoshop and an elephant

The new General Motors logo in front of a silhouette of a car.
Image: General Motors


Is the streetwear company that gamified artificial scarcity really worth billions?

The Supreme logo replicated several times over a red background with various templated graphs and lines.


Why everyone from Goldman Sachs to Netflix is investing in their very own typeface

A collage of different images with various brand custom fonts like “Salesforce Sans,” “Southwest Sans,” and “Uber Moves.”
Photo illustration, sources: Banana Republic/Salesforce/Uber/Southwest

James I. Bowie

Principal at Emblemetric, Sociologist at Northern Arizona University. Data-driven reporting on trends in logo design: Emblemetric.com

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